Do You Feel Drained or Frustrated by Other People's Complaining and Negativity?

Do you wish you could protect yourself from their pessimism, whining, or fault-finding?

It is possible!

This course will show you how.

"Keep Your Positive Edge: How to Build Your Immunity to People's Negativity"

It's normal to get stressed or irritated by . . .

  • unhappy customers,
  • a difficult coworker,
  • a challenging boss, or 
  • a negative family member.


And, if you're like most of us, these people not only bring you down, they also affect your work, your attitude, and your quality of life. It would be nice if you could change them, but you know that changing other people can be hard.

The secret is to learn a much faster and more effective approach.

It turns out that the easiest way to improve your interactions with negative people is to increase your immunity to their emotions, words, and behaviors so you can stay calm and in control with less stress and more happiness. Let me show you how with my "Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM."

Building your immunity makes it easier to . . .

  • Stay calm and in control despite other people's actions, words, and attitudes
  • Enjoy more peace and less stress even when other people are negative
  • Collaborate, cooperate, and communicate with others so you have more success


Hi! I'm Tina Hallis.

Like you, I've had my share of negative people. I've tried avoiding them, but it wasn't always possible. I would vent to my coworkers and family, but that didn't make things better. 

When I began my business as a positivity speaker and trainer, I quickly realized that this was a common problem. People would tell me how hard it was to be positive when they had to work (or live) with someone who was disagreeable, a complainer, a bragger, etc. 

After I discovered Positive Psychology in 2011, I learned that the first step is really about changing ourselves. I know first-hand how hard this can be so I decided to create an easy-to-use resource; something that could teach people another option –  how to build their immunity to other people's negativity.

I reached out to a number of experts to get their wisdom and insights. I analyzed and summarized the rich content that they shared and put it all together in this course to make it convenient for busy people like you to use.

Meet the Experts

Here are the knowledgeable consultants, coaches, best selling authors, speakers, and trainers who shared their expertise and wisdom.

WARNING! This course is only for you if you . . .

Are Tired

of letting the negativity of other people impact the quality of your days, work, and life.

Are Aware

that the easiest way to make things better is to start with the one person you can control – YOU!

Are Willing

to learn and practice simple but powerful strategies to build your immunity.

Still with me? Then let me tell you more about this course.

Keep Your Positive Edge:  

How to Build Your Immunity to People's Negativity

Here you will learn the 5-step "Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM" that will guide you step by step. With less than one hour per week of training over seven weeks, plus applying what you learn in your daily life, you will find more peace and less stress. 

This course let's you choose from a variety of strategies so you can find what works for you and your situation. Besides choosing your favorite way to take in the content (video, audio, or transcript), there are Toolboxes, Guides, and Planners that make this course easy and fast to use.

Welcome Module

Let's get started! Here you will learn about the 5-step "Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM."  You will get a planner and tips for remembering  what you learned so you can easily fit it into your busy life. You will also choose a particular person to focus on and find your motivation to make a change. 

In the Welcome Module, you will find great resources that will make the rest of the course easier. Here you can -

  1. Review the "Course Planner" that quickly gives you an overview of the topics and homework for each of the seven weeks so at a glance you know where you're at and what's next. 
  2. Download the "Tool Tracker" to make it easy for you to keep track of the tools you are working with for each lesson. 
  3. Check out the "Tool Cues" that lists ideas to help you remember your tools during your busy day. 
  4. Fill out the "Getting Started Guide" where you will choose a particular person you're struggling with so you can find the right tools for your situation as you go through each step. 

Step 1. Prepare 

Prepare is the first step in the "Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM." It's all about getting ready before you find yourself in those challenging situations. Here you will get yourself equipped with helpful tools to stay positive and see things from a different perspective.

In the Prepare Module, you will -

  1. Choose from a variety of valuable tools you can use to charge your positivity battery and shift your perspective about your challenging person.
  2. Refer to the "Prepare Toolboxes" that list each tool so you can easily find the ones you want to try.
  3. Answer the questions in the "Prepare Guides" that make it easier to use your chosen tools during your busy day.

Step 2. Practice

The second step in the "Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM" is Practice. Whether it's a sport, a musical instrument, or staying calm, we get better when we practice. The discussion and tools  in this section will make it easy for you to find the best ways you can practice building your immunity that fit your personality and your situation. 

In the Practice Module, you will -

  1. Learn tools to help you avoid your natural reaction to be negatively influenced by your challenging person. You will also get better at pausing and noticing this reaction in the moment.
  2. Browse the tools in the "Practice Toolboxes" and identify the ones that best fit your situation.
  3. Reflect on the questions in the "Practice Guides" so you can more easily apply the tools in your hectic life.

Steps 3 & 4. Pause & Notice

It's time to pause and notice your physical, mental, and emotional responses when you're around your negative person. You're ready to apply the information from the prepare and practice modules so you can tune in instead of just reacting to this person's whining, bullying, or pessimism.

In this short Pause & Notice Module, you will -

  1. Discover the challenge and impact of pausing and noticing when you're around people who are whining, frustrated, or pessimistic.
  2. Consider the questions in the "Pause & Notice Guide" to help you assess how you're doing with these steps.

Step 5. Choose

The first four steps lead to this final, critical outcome. How will you choose to respond in this situation? It's easy to let someone's negativity affect you and pull you into their drama. However, you have the ability to free yourself and choose a response that will serve you and the greater good of your company, team, or family.

In the Choose Module, you will -

  1. Explore a variety of possible responses so you can choose one (or more) that can make the situation better. 
  2. Check out the responses in the "Choose Toolboxes" so you can easily find the ones you want to try with your negative person. 
  3. Answer the questions in the "Choose Guides" to make it easier for you to use the responses you want to use.

Experts' Interviews

Here you will get more details about each expert and access to their full interviews. From international best-selling authors to local gurus, I am grateful for all the wisdom and experience these amazing people shared!

Click on an expert's photo to visit their website.

Sharpen Your Positive Edge E-book

This e-book is stocked with 80 short positivity tips. Here you can learn more about any of the tools from previous sections that reference a "Tip" from the Sharpen Your Positive Edge e-book, or you can browse the table of contents for even more ideas.

BONUS! Interview with Judy Ringer, Conflict Expert

Judy is an author, speaker, and trainer who teaches people how to navigate conflict using mind/body principles from the martial art Aikido. Check out her enlightening interview and her checklist before that challenging interaction gets out of control.

Aikido is a unique martial art that translates to "the way of blending energy."  The focus is to disarm an attack without harming the other person. Judy shows us how we can adapt this philosophy to our conflict and communication problems; seeing them as energy we can harness and redirect. Her approach aligns with and builds on the Immunity to Negativity Formula so you have even more tools for what to say and do when there is conflict in your interactions. 

BONUS! A one-on-one call just for you

Here you can ask your burning questions about the course, the content, and your challenges. This is one hour where I will help you find the best tools for your situation.

Learn how to 

Keep Your Positive Edge


PLUS Bonuses!

(discounts for group pricing)


This course makes it easier for you to build your immunity. You get -

  • 9 videos with audio downloads and transcripts so you can choose your favorite format to learn the "Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM"
  • 6 Toolboxes listing the tools for that lesson with references to the expert interviews or a "Tip" from the Sharpen Your Positive Edge e-book so you can easily find tools you want to try
  • 8 Guides with questions to help you use the tools you've chosen
  • A Course Planner, a Tool Tracker, and a list of Tool Cues to make it easy to plan, organize, and use the course 
  • Access to all 15 Expert Interviews with audio downloads and transcripts of the full interviews so you can dig deeper into their wisdom
  • Sharpen Your Positive Edge e-book full of 80 different positivity tips so you can find what works best for you
  • Bonus:   An interview with Judy Ringer, conflict expert, and her step-by-step checklist.
  • Bonus:  A one-on-one call with Tina so you can get your questions answered and get the most out of the course that applies to your situation.

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