What if you could protect yourself from their fault-finding complaints and pessimism? It's possible! And this on-demand course will teach you how to build your immunity in as little as 49 days.


What mistake do most people make when stressed by unhappy customers? Irritated by difficult coworkers? Or, agitated by negative family members?

The most common mistake is trying to change them!

It's easy to understand why. These people not only bring you down, they affect your work, attitude, and quality of life. But changing someone else is difficult, not to mention exhausting.

The secret is to learn a much faster and more effective approach.

The easiest way to improve your interactions with negative people is to increase your immunity to their emotions, words, and behaviors. Using the Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM  taught in this course, you'll learn how to stay calm and in control. You'll experience less stress and enjoy more happiness. 

Building your immunity makes it easier to ...

  • Stay calm and in control despite other people's actions, words, and attitudes
  • Enjoy more peace and less stress even when other people are negative
  • Collaborate, cooperate, and communicate with others so you enjoy more success
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Keep Your Positive Edge: How to Build Your Immunity to People's Negativity Course

Make it easier to remain positive in as little as 49 days

Access and complete each module in the online course on demand as it fits into your schedule. Start today and get:

  • 9 videos breaking down the steps of the Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM so you can learn the concepts plus choose techniques to practice
  • Toolboxes for 6 of the lessons detailing each of the expert strategies discussed so you can easily find and remember the tools you want to try
  • Complementary Guides for each lesson to help you think about situations and how you might use the tools you've chosen
  • A Course Planner with a suggested schedule for completing and getting the most out of the course in 7 weeks
  • A Tool Tracker to help you organize and remember the strategies you want to try
  • Handy Tool Cues you can use to help you remember to practice and use your new skills throughout the day
  • The Sharpen Your Positive Edge e-book which is full of 80 short but powerful positivity tips you can use to boost your positivity
  • Access to the audio files and transcripts of 15 Interviews with Positivity Experts so you can dig deeper into their wisdom and insights that are shared during the course
  • A BONUS Interview with conflict expert Judy Ringer, plus her step-by-step checklist for difficult conversations
  • A BONUS one-one-one call with positivity trainer Tina Hallis so you can get your questions answered and guidance on how to apply the techniques and tools to your situation -- a $250 value!
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Tina Hallis

Owner, The Positive Edge


Hi! I'm Tina Hallis.

Like you, I've met my share of negative people. I've tried avoiding them, but it wasn't always possible. I would vent to my coworkers and family, but that didn't make things better. 

When I began my business as a positivity speaker and trainer, I quickly realized this was a common problem. People would tell me how hard it was to be positive when they had to work (or live) with someone who was disagreeable, a complainer, a bragger, etc. 

After I discovered Positive Psychology in 2011, I learned that the first step is really about changing ourselves. I know first-hand how hard this can be. So, I decided to create an easy-to-use resource; something which would teach people another option –  how to build their immunity to other people's negativity.

I reached out to a number of experts to get their wisdom and insights. I analyzed and summarized the rich content that they shared.  And, I put it all together in this course to make it convenient for busy people like you to use.

Most courses are built using one person's expertise

This course was built from the collective wisdom and experience of 16 experts

In this master class, you'll benefit from Tina's expertise in Positive Psychology, plus the insights of 15 other consultants, coaches, best-selling authors, professional speakers and trainers!  And, when you get started today, you also get exclusive access to the audio files and transcripts from each interview. Listen to the interviews as you would a podcast and expand your knowledge even more.

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Can you spare less than 60 minutes a week?

That's all it takes to watch the videos, reflect on a few follow-up questions, and select the tools you want to try. Practice what you've learned throughout the day, and you'll build your immunity to people's negativity so you can ...

Find more peace

by learning how to shift your perspective about challenging people and situations.

Experience less stress

by discovering how to avoid your natural reaction to be negatively influenced.

Remain calm

by developing the skills to control your reactions to pessimistic people.

Want to know how the course is structured?

Here's a sneak peek at the lessons you can expect when you enroll.


 As you get started, you'll be introduced to the 5-step "Immunity to Negativity FormulaTM." Resources include:

  • A planner for completing the course over 7 weeks
  • Tips on how to remember what you learned so you can practice throughout the week
  • Reflection questions to help you identify a relationship to focus on for your motivation

Step 1: Prepare

Preparing is the first step in building your immunity to negativity. It's all about getting you ready to deal with a challenging situation before you find yourself in one. You'll equip yourself with:

  • Tools to help you charge your positivity battery and shift your perspective about a person you find challenging.
  • Reflection questions designed to make it easier to use the tools you learn during the day.

Step 2: Practice

When it comes to sports, musical instruments and even staying calm, everyone gets better with practice. This section makes it easy for you to find ways to practice that fit your personality and your schedule. Resources include:

  • Tools to improve your ability to override our natural reaction to negative interactions
  • Techniques to get better at pausing and noticing this reaction in the moment.
  • Reflection questions to help you apply your selected tools throughout the week.

Steps 3 & 4: Pause and Notice

When around negative people, it's critical to learn how to pause and notice your physical, mental and emotional responses.  In this section, you'll:

  • Learn to apply the information from the Prepare and Practice modules. You'll be able to start tuning into instead of just reacting to someone's whining, bullying or pessimism.
  • Reflection questions to assess how you're doing with these steps.

Step 5: Choose

Being able to control how you respond when dealing with a challenging person is the final and most critical step in building your immunity. In this module, you'll get:

  • A toolbox of possible responses you can choose to use to make the situation better.
  • Reflection questions designed to make it easier for you to use the responses you choose.

With the course, you also get access to all 15 expert interviews and the Sharpen Your Positive Edge e-book

Learn more about the tips referenced during the course. Plus, get even more ideas from Tina's 80 short but powerful positivity tips.

Don't wait. Get the course, the e-book, and access to all 15 expert interviews. Plus, two more bonuses!

BONUS! Interview with Conflict Expert Judy Ringer

Judy is an author, speaker, and trainer who teaches people how to navigate conflict using mind/body principles from Aikido. Aikido is a unique martial art that focuses on disarming an attack without harming the other person. In the interview, Judy shows how to adapt this philosophy to conflicts and communication problems. You'll get even more tools to build on what you learned in the course, including a handy checklist.

BONUS! A one-on-one call with Tina just for you

-- a $250 value --

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to ask questions about the course, the content, and your challenges. During the one hour call, Tina will also help you find the best tools for your situation.


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